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Open your eyes


I tried to pay attention to different things today when I shot at the harbor. I’m trying to wake up my photographical eye, which seems to be suffering from narcolepsy due to all the studying I’m doing.

The seagulls just keep getting friendlier; today they let me get real close. Who needs a telephoto when you’ve got friendly birds!

Wish me luck because I’m finding out if I passed or failed one of my exams today, and I have to hand in the other one tomorrow.


31 thoughts on “Open your eyes

  1. Beautiful photos. I like seagulls – they are funny characters, they make me smile.

    Good luck with your exam results – I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sam! (Mind if I call you Sam? I have a thing with long names, they always end up shortened when I’m around :)).
      I like seagulls a bit more every time I go to the harbor; they’ve been really friendly with me, and according to my Dad these eat crabs not rubbish, so I like them even more.
      I passed! I was so tired this morning that I’d forgotten about it, so it was a good surprise. And then I was so happy that I even caught up with my readings for that subject. Now I just need a little bit more luck with my other two subjects, and half the job will be done for this semester.

      • No worries, Sam is fine, I’ve been called worse 😉 I don’t know your name! what can I can call you??

        Congratulatiions on passing. I am so pleased for you. I’ll send some more luck your way. 🙂

      • Thanks, Sam! Next week will bring more news and I have to hand in another report, so the good luck will be welcomed.
        My name’s Belen, that’s the signature in my photos. You can call me Belen or Bel, it’s the same :).

  2. Love the first one, it’s spectacular! It’s peaceful.

    • Thanks! It didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted, but there was something so beautiful about the rundown pier with the green moss shining in the sunset light, that I had to post it. It’s good to know someone enjoyed it :).

  3. Good luck on your exams! Like the seagull shots.

  4. Great photo’s! I really like the second one!

    • Thanks! I’d never noticed the weather vane before, and I’ve been shooting there quite a few times. I like the composition made up of lines of all sorts. Glad you like it too!

  5. fingers crossed! everything will be great I’m sure 🙂

    Love these photos .Different from your usual style but I’m liking them. My favorite is the first one with the contrast of that deep azure and moss the deep saturated colors and lines .. yummy combination!

    also that seagull is really cute. I think they know when they are being photographed.. only birds who pose. Samantha is right, funny characters!

    • I wouldn’t really advice eating the moss. It may be have hallucinatory effects :P.
      I’m trying to force myself to notice different things, so I don’t stop taking pictures throughout the winter. I also took some that are more like my usual style, and I’ll be posting them soon. It’s good to know you like this style too :).
      I passed my exam, so thanks for the crossed fingers!

      • lol! I didnt really think of eating it.. yummy is just a fav adjective which goes for a lot of things. But knowing that it may have hallucinatory effects, hmmm.. mabe a lil bit ofr fun 😉 and yay! for the exam.Congrats!

  6. ooh! The seagulls are so adorable! I love them 🙂 Good luck on your exams! I know what a pain they can be 😛 how much longer do you have till you’re finished?

    And good news! You are one of the winners of the earthypaws creatures contest! There were only 3 of you who joined, so I decided that I will send all of you a photo of your choice for the shop! 😀 Just email me your addy and choice of photograph from my shop to and I will send it off to you!

    Hope that you have a lovely week! 😀


    • Thanks, Alli! My week keeps getting better :). I’ll e-mail you as soon as I finish answering the comments on this post.
      I have one more semester after this one, and I’ll be done with finals by February. Then, I’m free! I want to go for a second degree after I get this one, but at least I’ll get a job and I’ll have a life :).

  7. Friendly seagulls you say?! They look a lot friendlier than our seagulls! Loving the shots, especially the weather vane.

    Good luck for the exam, hope you’ve passed 🙂

    • Are your seagulls of the Hitchcock type? I wouldn’t like to be anywhere near those. The weather vane shot is proof that, even when you’re a photographer, there are details you don’t notice. Still, I like it that I can find new things to shoot even when I’ve been there so many times.
      I did pass, thanks!

  8. Nice shots. Seagulls are interesting to photograph and they are great models if you give them food.

    Good luck on your exam. 🙂

    • Thanks! These flock around because of the fishermen, so they pose for free. But it’s a good idea to bring something for them next time, since they’re such great models :).
      Thanks for the good wishes, I passed!

  9. Beautiful shots! I truly appreciate the water…living in a desert, it’s a pretty uncommon thing to be able to photograph. These make me homesick for where I used to live, with lots of water and beautiful beaches.

    Thank you for so many kind comments and “likes” on my blog. I’m going to add you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind. It will remind me to visit your blog (which is very nice), more often.


    • Thanks! I don’t think I’d be able to live too far away from water. Whenever I’m stressed or down one short visit to the beach makes me feel better. The only place I’d consider moving to is south, close to the lakes.
      Thanks for visiting and adding me to your blogroll! Hope you enjoy my future posts!

  10. Really love the first one.

  11. Very effective use of camera angle and perspective. Those first two shots really catch the eye and the colour and light on the last two are very dramatic.
    Gulls seem to have no fear. A couple of weeks ago I was putting out some bread and seeds for our song birds; I was bending over, and when I looked up I was eyeball to eyeball with a gull waiting for me to get out of the way.
    Good luck on exams.

    • Wow. I think I’d be slightly freaked out if I saw a seagull from that close, and without warning. I’ll be careful if I ever decide to feed them.
      I’m glad you like the photos! It’s good to know my efforts to see new things in new ways paid off :).

  12. beautiful shots – i especially love the one with the sand. its fun to photograph new things, right?

    • Thanks! Which shot do you mean?
      It’s fun to come back home and realize I can still find new things in places I’ve visited many times. Late autumn is making me feel claustrophobic about photography, like any second I’ll run out of things to shoot. Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet. I hope it never happens!

  13. I like all of the little details you captured in the various shots…and the wonderful end of day warmth.

    Am familiar with photography-block, etc…and know sometimes you have to revisit to re-see new things.

    Enjoy what you share here 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed these shots! I went on a quest to notice unseen details, and it’s good to know it worked!
      I’m blaming my block on winter and college, and hoping by the time spring comes photography will flow easily again instead of being a daily struggle to find something to shoot. I have fun, anyway.
      I loved reading that you enjoy my work!

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