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Let the sun shine


I finally got to editing the last few shots from the other Sunday. This time I felt better about them, which probably means that rest is what I need. Now I’m wondering, is there such a thing as photographer’s block?

I’m exhausted, people. I wish you all a great day, and I’m off to bed. Hope you enjoy these!


17 thoughts on “Let the sun shine

  1. nice 😉 i love the way you captured the sun 😀

  2. Yes. There is photographers block much like writers block. The cure for me is to go ouside for a walk and take my camera. Some days it is not easy. I like your sunshine photos, especially on our wet rainy day today.

    • There’s nothing better than pretty pictures on a rainy day. I’m glad my sunset shots brightened up someone’s day!
      I’ll put the world on hold and get out with my camera one of these days. College will still be there when I get back.

  3. Wow,,, yeahhh,,,, great shoot…
    these amazing picture, well capture.
    Good Work 🙂

  4. Wow – these are amazing. The light is simply magical!

    • Thank you, Lady Fi! The light is fairytale-like these days; during the sunset and the sunrise it bathes everything in gold. I’m having fun shooting golden beauties :).

  5. Fantastic set the sun looks amazing. Well captured.

  6. I absolutely love the one with the robes!

    • I guess you mean ropes? It’s some kind of thick metallic rope that lay discarded in the harbor. I’ve no idea what it’s used for, but the rust certainly looked pretty in the sunset light. I’m glad you like the photo!

  7. I love the light in these photos! They are great!


  8. I just wanted to let you know that you are a Genuine Blogger. Celebrate your blog, as it is comes across to the reader as heartfelt and genuine. There are no rules with this honor. Accept it and relish in the thought that your blog is “award worthy” without having any strings attached. If you choose to give this award to a deserving fellow blogger, please do so with no “rules.” Award it to someone for his or her genuineness in blogging. Free and clear.
    Just Ramblin’

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