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Golden beauties


It’s been a crazy, crazy week. I have a partial on Monday, another one that we have to do at home and hand in in two weeks, and I also have to work on a report for my other subject and plan a few classes. But if you ask, I haven’t been this happy in years.

On Wednesday I worked with my high school kids (two classes and they’re already my kids), and I loved it. They’re quiet, hard working and extremely respectful, which either is a miracle or proves that a lot of teachers exaggerate when they complain about their students. The teacher in charge of the class – my tutor for the duration of my residency – is amazing, too. She let me check activities with the kids, and she told me to choose a chapter from the Quixote and plan a few activities myself. She’s thrown the doors of her classroom wide open for me, and treats me like a colleague. I’m walking on a cloud every time I leave the classroom.

I finished my red sweater at last, and started a black one. Now that I’m not taking pictures so often, crocheting is my alternative therapy.

I took these last Sunday when I went to the harbor with my Dad. I can’t believe that I didn’t have time to edit them until now, but better late than never. I love how golden the light is these days; I think I’ve already mentioned it, but I’m still grateful to be making all these amazing discoveries thanks to photography. Last Sunday, everything turned golden for a while, absolutely everything. You could take a picture of anything and it’d look beautiful because of the light, and I’ve got a few shots to prove it.

I think you may notice that I like this yacht – she’s a beauty. And the seagull…well, what can I say, I’ve made a few winged friends.


22 thoughts on “Golden beauties

  1. Nice shots! The light really is beautiful.

  2. The slice of moon over the seagull gives this photo a very special something. On the other hand do not stand under the light post or you will get a special “something” dropped on your head.

    • LOL. I’m well aware of that, and I’m always looking around when seagulls are flocking overhead. I wasn’t really standing under the post, but beside it – I don’t want to find out if seagull poo is good for the hair :P.
      Glad you like the pics :).

  3. You did find perfect light. I love that moon sliver and I love how happy you sound.

    • Thanks, Ellen! I’m really tired and really happy :).
      I’m glad you like the shots; the lighting and the crescent moon were gifts from nature, I just couldn’t be happier that I was there to capture them.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. beautiful light in these shots.. as you say anything would look beautiful in this.. perfect exposure as always. loved these a lot. And it’s good to hear that you are having a great time teaching. Being able to do what one loves, as a job is a blessing, isnt it?

    • I have a few more “anythings” that look really beautiful in this lighting. Autumn rocks!
      My trusty Nikon L20 manages to get exposure right a lot of the time, and I’m actually wondering if I’ll manage to do it as well when I get a DSLR and shoot manual. Maybe I’ll need to ask her for advice ;).
      I think in my case it’s more like loving what you do as a job. I didn’t originally want to be a teacher, I just fell in love with teaching along the way. But I guess the universe is wise that way, isn’t it? It put me right where I need to be :).

  5. It made me smile reading how happy you are. I love how you have captured the golden light…beautifully.

    • Thanks, Samantha! It’s good to know other people are happy when I’m happy. It’s good to be happy, too :).
      Glad you like the photos! I was thrilled to have such amazing light to shoot.

  6. Good use of perspective and foreground and background with the gull and the moon. The glow in the fourth shot down is particularly striking. Excellent!

    • Thanks! The seagull and the moon were a gift from heaven; such a great combination at such a great time, too! And then there was this lovely yacht sailing around, posing for the camera. A wonderful day for photography!

  7. Very beautiful photographs. The image of the seagull on top of the light reminds me of an similar photograph I have of a seagull perched on the railing of a pier overlooking the ocean at Kure Beach in North Carolina. I will try and get the image to you.

    Water is such a tranquil and relaxing element, although powerful. I love to use it in my art as well.


    • I’d love to see the picture you talk about! E-mail me or leave a comment with the link if you find it. A lot of people don’t like seagulls, but lately I’ve grown fond of them – they’re such great models :). This one actually kicked another seagull from the post so I would shoot it instead.
      Water, sunsets and I are the best friends. I just can’t live without them, and I could spend my entire life taking pictures of them.

  8. They sure came out real nice, and that golden evening glow adds the perfect mood..

  9. The seagull and moon together shots are simply wonderful! Well-spotted and captured.

  10. I always feel happy and peaceful view your photos…

  11. Beautiful sailboat! The little sliver of the moon is perfect above the seagull. Great shots!

    • She’s one of the most beautiful I’ve seen (after my father’s, of course). I was so happy she was there, because she gave me some amazing compositions. And the seagull and the moon did, too. I was a lucky photographer that day :).

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