My words and my pictures. All I have

Beautiful survival


It’s the middle of autumn, and look at my crocuses. I feel like crying every time I look them, the only things brave enough to be sprouting when everything else is going to sleep.

Also, I’m writing like a maniac. I’m glad so many of you said you were looking forward to reading my poems, because I’m loving this kind of posts. I hope you like the shots and the words!

As usual, click on the picture to read the poem better.


14 thoughts on “Beautiful survival

  1. Beautiful words. Lovely post.

  2. the pictures are in perfect harmony with the poem. reminds me of me sometimes when I try to overcome the odds in life. great post.

    • That’s more or less what I had in mind when I wrote the poem. Struggle is an essential part of life, and survival is beautiful :). I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and thanks for dropping by!

  3. Your crocuses sprout in the autumn where you live? In Minnesota,they sprout in the spring. Beautiful words with the photo.

    • Honestly, I have no idea what’s the logic to these crocuses. It’s the first time I’ve planted crocus and tulip bulbs, so I’m learning as I go. I thought it was a little bit odd that they were sprouting at this time of the year, but then again, plants are crazy like that, and the weather’s been really warm. I just hope they won’t die in the winter frost; maybe I’ll have to bring the pots indoors.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  4. Love the poem and the pictures, poor littel crocuses! I’m sure they’ll be fine through the winter, the crocuses that bloom in the park across the road from my flat were OK after the past two winters, which were the the coldest since 1914!

    • Glad you enjoy the mixed creations! I plan to keep posting them, so it’s great to know my readers like them :).
      You have snow over there, don’t you? I think the crocuses should be just fine, our winters aren’t anywhere near as cold as snowy ones. I’m just used to seeing frost burned plants in our garden, but now I’m thinking that maybe we’ve been getting the wrong plants all along.

  5. Lovely words and photos to go with them.

    Crocuses are hardy flowers. They should be okay throughout the winter. If you think it will be too cold, cover them with mulched leaves or grass or wood to keep them a little warmer.

  6. Nice post. Here on the other end of the western hemisphere, Spring is coming along. The tulips are opening, no crocuses yet. No black-flies either, probably show-up May 24th weekend to make life interesting.

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