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I’m working on a couple of poems, finishing the last touches on my red sweater, and actually enjoying all the studying I’m doing. All this without taking my vitamins.

But since I’m still human, I’m really tired tonight, so I‘m going to bed without further ado. I hope you enjoy these, and there will soon be shots from this week’s sunset, and others I want to take if there’s time.

Thanks for stopping by, commenting and liking my posts. You make me want to post even when I’m stealing time from my sleep :).


30 thoughts on “Silent

  1. I love these! The shades of grey give the sky a sort of other worldly look and strangely it’s not gloomy which grey usually feels like. Especially love the composition of the one with the boat (first one). Looking forward to reading your poems!

    • Thanks, Dhaami. It looked otherworldly when I was there; so still, silent and grey. It was amazing how one second everything was orange and gold, and the next everything was grey. I’d never seen such strange weather before. It definitely wasn’t gloomy, more like contemplative.
      I must say I’m really grateful for my great pulse and weightless P&S, because I keep forgetting my tripod at home. I had to hold very, very still to take these. Glad you like them!

  2. Very serene and calming effect you captured here. Lovely photos.

  3. Nice work. I’m really enjoying your minimalistic images. Sometimes less is more, well done.

    • Thanks!
      I’m so happy with these shots. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at minimalist photography, but these weather conditions are hard to come by where I live. I’m so grateful they happened when I was free to go shooting!

  4. I could just amazed to see these photos,,, calm and peaceful atmosphere

  5. Love the quietness of these photos. I love that boat and am envious that it is not near my home to photograph. Your capture of the horizon and greys are beautiful. They ooze peacefulness.

    • Thanks! I never really liked these boats until I took up photography. Now I’m in love with them :).
      I’m happy I was able to capture the atmosphere of that day – so peaceful and still.

  6. This is very peaceful and calming to the soul. I like these a lot. These would be good to look at whilst trying to meditate.

    • I feel the same way about these shots, and if I hadn’t been so mesmerized taking pictures I would have sat down on the pier and immersed myself in the stream of my thoughts and feelings. But like I’ve said before, photography is a kind of meditation for me, so I guess I did meditate in my own way.

  7. I love this series. The way the sky and the water seem to meet and almost become one is wonderful. They evoke a sense of peace. 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I felt when I was there. Peace and serenity, and amazement because I’d never seen the sea and the sky turn almost the same shade of grey. I just keep falling more and more in love with sunsets :).

  8. Love these shots, so calm and serene, great composition as well. Awesome:)

  9. I love the beautiful simplicity of these compositions. So calming.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my shots :). It was a really calm atmosphere, perfect for peace of mind and contemplation – it’s good know it can be felt through my pictures.

  10. I want to be there in all of your pictures! They always give a sense of such serenity. 🙂

    • I enjoy being there taking them more than anything in the world. I wonder if they’re calming because of the landscapes themselves or if some of my feelings show in them somehow. Food for thought, definitely.

  11. Wonderful. You could use this as photo-essay in a magazine.

  12. There is so much beauty in this silence – it speaks to me! Your photos are GORGEOUS!

  13. Lovely serenity! I like the minimalistic feel of these images…

  14. I absolutely love this set. Great work.

  15. Nice peaceful shots – love the grays. Reminds me of canoeing in Northern Ontario. Very nice.

    • I’m glad you like them! I wish I lived near a lake, it would be a great chance to take pictures where the water was still and mirror-like. This was the only time I’ve ever seen the sea so calm here.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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