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Peace and play


I‘ve been thinking a lot this week. Thinking about how, no matter what it is that you love to do, every field in this world is a power play. Whatever you want to do, you have to choose what position you’ll take. This evening, while I watched the sunset and snapped some shots, I decided that I’ll be true to myself, mostly because I’m stubbornly fond of sticking to my principles.

I also decided that I want to try and write more poetry. The story of why I stopped writing it a few years ago is quite sad to me. I felt that after using Spanish for so many college-related things for years, I couldn’t create in Spanish anymore; I had to get away. That’s why I started, gradually, seeking refuge in English. First I wrote prose, then I took baby steps into poetry. Now that I’m getting more in touch with beauty through photography, and since winter approaches and my photographical eye finds fewer things to shoot, I’ve started playing with words more and more, and I plan to keep it up.

These are some more shots from last weekend. You can see the sinking fishing boat I talked about in some of these shots; I want to back and see if it’s still there. According to my father, it’s not such a bad thing that it’s sinking, it will just take some patching up. A corner of my mind wonders what could be worse than sinking for a boat, but the rest of it doesn’t really want to find out.

I have a few more shots from that day, and a lot more from today. I just love sunsets, and I hope you aren’t bored of them!


26 thoughts on “Peace and play

  1. God, I love these photos. I feel the warmth from them. Nice to hear that you are finding your words again.

    • Thanks, Samantha! It was such a strange sunset, that it was loaded with emotions for me. That can easily trigger creativity, and I’m having fun working on my blockages. Writing is so good!

  2. Never get tired of sunsets. These are beautiful and looking forward to reading some of your words as well.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re not tired, because there are lots more! And there will be more words, too, since I’m having fun playing with them again, after so long :).

  3. HI! I found your blog because you liked my post today. Your pictures are stunning! I used to live on the West Coast of the USA (California) and sunsets over the water are my most FAVORITE site. So peaceful, and such an acknowledgement of the awesome of this world’s creation. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • Thank you for leaving a comment that inspires me to go out and take some more pictures :).
      Sunsets are my favorite natural phenomena in this world, and shooting them is my way of recharging my energy in nature and also of giving thanks for being able to enjoy these gifts so often.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  4. The first two with the small boat take the cake to me! Nicely done.

  5. Amazing shots, the composition is great. The third is my favourite, I think because the one wave is just perfect for bringing the motion of the water to the picture but maintaining the clarity of the scene. Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Kieran! The sea is constantly amazing me. It’s never the same two days on a row, and it’s always beautiful. These are some of my favorite sunset shots; I just can’t believe the sea was almost as still as a lake.

  6. Beautiful photos. Write! I can only imagine what your writing will be like after seeing your creative abilities with a lens. Now show us with your words. : )

    • Thanks! My writing abilities may be a little rusty after years of not exercising them, plus it’s harder to write poetry in a language that is not your mother tongue, but I’m sure having fun playing with words again, so there’ll be poems in the days to come!
      Thanks for encouraging my creativity by having faith in it!

  7. I love looking at sunsets and yours photos captured them beautifully. There is something very profound for me when I look at these shots you took of the boat.

    What could be worse than sinking for a boat you wondered… very interesting thought. For me, the worse would be — being tied up all the time in some fancy marina while waiting to be appreciated.

    • I was thinking more like being torn apart by one of our crazy windy days, but being abandoned would be bad for a boat, just as bad as it’d be for a camera. I wouldn’t like either to happen to me.
      Glad you enjoyed my shots, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on them.

  8. Hey I can’t wait to read your poems. I can already imagine how beautifully done they’ll be. 🙂

    Oh, these sunset pictures. I don’t know what to say. Here’s one of my favorite songs instead to react in behalf of me:

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’m really enjoying letting go and writing again, and it’s nice to know people are looking forward to reading what I write. Poems collecting rust in my hard drive are no fun :).
      This song reminds me of my Norah Jones period two years ago. I really loved her sweet, melodic voice. A pity her songs bring me bad memories now, because they’d be great to listen to when looking at these shots. I’m glad you can enjoy this sweet music for me!

  9. Those pictures remind me of when I lived by the ocean – I miss that so much sometimes. Lovely photographs :]

  10. I like you pic #4. The sunspot to me is a bit out but nonetheless the pic captures the serenity.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful sunset photos! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading your “winter” poems!

    • Thanks, Cindy! Getting feebback on the work I share is a great motivation to keep sharing :).
      I’ve already posted a few poems, and I’ll be posting more as I write them. You’re more than welcome to visit anytime you want!

  12. Amazing pictures! Love them!

  13. WOW! Words are not enough to describe what I really felt when I saw this set of pictures!!! These are beyond great!!! AMAZING SHOTS!!!

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