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Serene beauty


Newsflash: I’m happy :). And no, it’s not a Droopy kind of happy, it’s a happy kind of happy. I started my high school residency today, and I really like the kids and the teacher. Sadly, the kids won’t do any work at home, but at least they participate in class and they are very respectful. Of course these aren’t the ideal teaching conditions, but they aren’t the worst teaching conditions, either.

I’m beginning to think the universe is on a quest to drive me crazy. Today I came across a teacher I had a couple of years ago, and he asked if I’m going to graduate as a Licenciada en Letras, which, according to the research I’ve done, is the equivalent of a M.A. degree in other countries. He’s completely obsessed with research and thinks teaching is for losers, but at least he’s cunning enough not to say it straight in your face (you got to have some respect for such a twisted intelligence.) Whereas I don’t share his views on teaching (good thing, otherwise there would be no teachers in the world), I do want to get another degree, and it implies just a few more subjects besides the ones I’ve already done. He told me of some very interesting scholarships I can apply for, and I’ve had a few ideas for my thesis going around my head for a while. So, apparently, I’ll take up another bunch of work, because I don’t have enough on my plate already.

So you know, people, if I ever disappear, look for me beneath the pile of books, papers and class plans. Strangely enough, though, I’m really excited about everything I’m doing, and it seems the more I have to do, the more I actually get done. I even had time to edit a few shots from Sunday tonight, so -yay!- I’m posting today. I’m still staring at these pictures and trying to process that this is the same beach I’ve photographed countless times this year, where the wind’s always blowing and the sea’s never calm. Like I said, crazy stuff happens around me lately, including stunning weather conditions. I knew 2011 would be my year, I knew it!


30 thoughts on “Serene beauty

  1. Congratulations. Life has it twists and turns doesn’t it!

    I am happy you are happy!

    These photographs are so stunning. I think so far, from what I’ve seen, these are my favourites. Not that your other photos aren’t lovely, they really are, I just love these. These speak to my soul, my heart and my head. Beautiful.

    • Thanks! These are some of my favorites, too. It was one of the most wonderful sunsets for photography, so calm and soothing, and yet holding so many possibilities.
      Glad they speak to you, it’s a priceless added plus to my photography :).

  2. These pictures are beautiful. Makes me yearn to go to the beach and ocean.

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you are happy! It takes very little doesn’t it? To be at peace and smile. Hope this continues through the year for you.
    As for the photos, outstanding! very beautiful.. there is a bit of melancholy to the boat shots and I love them. Do you shoot in manual mode? I would really love to know the exif settings for the third photo from top..those waves are so perfectly exposed.. I can almost feel the water at my ankles.. Thank you for the beautiful images!

    • Thanks, Dhaami! It usually takes a short while with my camera exploring the beauties of nature to make me happy. A rainy afternoon with a book and good music is great, too.
      Glad you enjoyed these. I feel the same way about them, melancholic and beautiful.
      I shoot with my P&S, so no, I don’t shot manual. Wish I could help you here, but I’ve been thinking that when I get my DSLR I’ll shoot auto for a while to learn what settings work best. Maybe you could try that? I’d be pretty much the same as using a P&S.

      • Actually the EXIF settings will be stored in your image because even a P&S decides the best shutter speed and exposure based on the available light and other auto settings. IF you use PS or lightroom, you can easily find it. Useful for your reference as well 🙂

        And I have to say it again, you prove the fact that it’s the person behind the lens that makes a beautiful image and not the camera 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip, Dhammi! I don’t have Lightroom, and I’ve no idea how to use PS to find out the EXIF info, but I found a freeware program called EXIF reveal online. The settings for the third shot were
        21834/1 sec
        f/ 8.5
        ISO 64

        I don’t know what the shutter speed would translate to on the shutter speed dial of a DSLR, though.

  4. How wonderful that you’re so happy and that things are going well!

    I love these photographs – particularly the last one. I could stare at it for hours; it’s very serene and beautiful.

  5. All these images are beautiful, but my favorite is the last one. Excellent composition!

  6. Happy that you are happy! These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love photographing water and its all the more fun if there is a boat in the picture. Perfect!

    Good luck with your studies…The world needs more great teachers.

    • Thanks! I love this beach because of the boats, precisely. They always add a picturesque touch that can completely make a shot. In this case, they were in the best places to photograph them. Seems someone was doing me a favor that day!
      Thanks for the well wishes!

  7. Wow wow wow and more wow – these shots are SPECTACULAR!

    And so glad to hear things are going well.

  8. These are stunning. All of them, but I particularly like the last one.

    So glad you’re feeling happy. Yay! 🙂

  9. Truly stunning work.


  10. Makes me miss the beach!

  11. it looks so serene:)

  12. Stunning photos!!! I can imagine how serene it was there, so peaceful and quiet. Looks and sounds beautiful. You are a fabulous photographer!

  13. All these image is Beautiful…
    Very very very Cool…
    Stunning Photos…


  14. Oh, wow, beautiful shots!

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