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Shrimp flowers


And here I thought it was just a crazy name we crazy Argentineans had given this plant. But no, I googled it and it turns out it’s called the same in English, shrimp plant. I’ve largely ignored this hidden gem, because it’s in one of the worst spots for photography in my garden, and in order to move the pot it’s in I’d need some help from Atlas. But I was so depressed last Sunday after three days of rain and all the signs of impending winter everywhere I turned to look, that these colorful flowers got my attention the second I stepped outside. When you look at them from close, it’s spooky how much they resemble an actual shrimp. A pity they’re not as tasty, at least as far as I know without actually eating one.

I’m feeling more cheerful today. It may have to do with the fact that I got a lot of things done during the weekend, and with my finally having resigned myself to a meager six hours of sleep a night. After all, I got through March and April almost without noticing the passing of time, not because I was absent, but because I found something enjoyable in every day. If I try harder, I may just be able to do the same during May and June, and then the worst part of the year will be over and I’ll probably start celebrating my upcoming graduation.

My sweater is almost done, my photography is not yet resenting the daily burden of work I have to do, and I’m eager to meet the teacher who’s going to help me throughout my residency, and the students I’ll be working with, of course.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes, and for taking the time to comment. Blogging without such great readers would be no fun!


28 thoughts on “Shrimp flowers

  1. So pretty. I have never seen a plant like this before. It’s so colourful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting and making me want to share more :). We have many lovely plants at home because my grandpa used to have a nursery; he sold it a few years ago when he retired, but my Mom still loves getting new plants, and I’m joining in now, so there’ll be plenty more flowers in the spring.

  2. Thank you so much for the ‘like’ on my blog post! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. We have these in Miami. Elephant ears too.

  4. Very pretty and unique!! We don’t have them way up in northern Canada. Chin up!! Be thankful you won’t be getting the -40c temps that we get here over the winter and 4 feet of snow!! We still have some snow in the trees. Beautiful pictures!!!

    • Wow, I really have to be grateful for our mild winters. I think snow has its beauty, but I don’t think I’d be able to live with it for the greatest part of the year. I’ll remind myself of your comment when it’s raining and I’m pouting :).
      Glad you like these!

  5. Those are pretty, never even heard of them!

    • They’re pretty indeed if you have a close-up look at them; they have very delicate colors and the shape of the leaves is lovely. Like I always say, I love spreading beauty :).

  6. That certainly is an odd looking plant, with a very fitting name indeed… Glad you managed to get some shots of it to share, after your rainy days…

    • It’s an odd looking kind of beauty, which makes it interesting and beautiful at the same time. I like that. And I’m definitely glad I could finally go out shooting again :).

  7. Interesting plant. Definitely see the “shrimp” in them. Great photos as usual.

    • Thanks! I’d always thought the flowers looked like shrimps, but when I had a close look at them I was really surprised by HOW similar they are. Glad you like the pics!

  8. What a beautiful plant! So glad you decided to photograph and share. The second to last capture is my favorite. Lovely colour, texture and shape.

    • A hidden gem, like I said. Now I regret not having paid more attention to this beautiful plant before, but better late than never. Getting the colors right was rather complicated -I’m always struggling with the white wall behind this part of the garden- but the cloudy day helped, and I finally had to admit that clouds do have some use, no matter how much I dislike them :).
      Glad you enjoyed these!

  9. Beautiful photos. I’ve never seen these before and love to learn about new things. They really do look like shrimp:)

  10. Beautiful flowers.The colors are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Now, I’m curious to find out if they have something like that here in Seattle. Google time.

    Thank you for sharing and taking the time to post your beautiful photos. They always seem to warm my heart and soul. 🙂

    • I spend a lot of time googling plants since I started blogging, and I keep discovering new ones, which led me to plant crocuses and tulips a short while ago, hoping to see their lovely flowers when spring comes.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. When people say my pictures bring them happiness, I feel I’m doing something great by having this blog :).

  11. Wow, cool shots! I haven’t seen shrimp plants for years. They don’t grow well here — probably need a lot of humidity. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    • Thanks, Avital! That would explain why they’ve been thriving in our garden for years – they must love our rainy winters.
      This week has been really good so far, so I’m feeling even better than when I posted this :).

  12. Beautiful flowers and excellent photography. I am going to pass this post on to some friends. we don’t have shrimp flowers or elephant ears in my part of Canada. I have made beaver tails (pastries) in the wok a couple of times.

    • Thanks! It feels great to know that you like the post enough to pass it on.
      Now fauna is also mixing with cooking. Soon the animal kingdom will take over 😛
      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. My word they do look like shrimp! Beautiful photo : )

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