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A quick post today, because I’m busy with college and I didn’t have much time to edit my shots. Plus, I’m working on this week’s topic for my Flickr group, and I want to take a few more shots before getting the post together. I’m having so much fun with this group, it makes me shoot things I’d never have thought of shooting myself.

About these shots, they are odds and ends that I have never had the chance to fit into any post, and now they finally deserve one of their own. Astra, know you inspired the one with the flashlight. This time I do gave an explanation of how this piece of rubbish ended up in my backyard – it’s one of the many discarded things my father has taken to collecting over the years, instead of throwing them away like he should. I’ve no idea why he won’t let go, but I sure wish he would – my poor backyard is covered in useless items, including an old cooker, a run-down kitchen counter, and our old living room set.


8 thoughts on “Green

  1. Thank you.
    You know I can’t resist a random object in nature, especially one (like this) that tells a little story.
    Great Work
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • You’re welcome, Astra! Since I found your blog I go about noticing a lot of random items that I wouldn’t have looked at before, and I finally got to shoot one. Glad you like my attempt at rubbish photography! (See, you’ve created a new style ;)).

  2. I love the 4th picture of the bright green clover. Beautiful color and use of light! The dandelion is super amazing as well, the color is so pure and clean. Love it love it.

    • Thanks! It’s actually not a clover but a weed that just grew there and my mother wanted to kill, which I luckily prevented. Doesn’t it look lovely? I’m fascinated by weeds and how much hidden beauty they have to share.

  3. Your Green is very beautiful. I especially like the light in the last three. 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin! It’s not as stunning as your green, but it cheers me up, too.
      The day I shot the last three I looked out of the window by chance and saw the sun playing on the leaves. Amazing how many little beauties nature gives us every day :).

  4. Yap,,, your green is very beautiful. Like this green,,,, 🙂

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