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Flowers and sunsets


I didn’t have enough energy to start editing my project shots today, even though I did get out for a short while and took some pictures. I’m feeling a bit worse than yesterday, but it’s just a cold, and I know I’ll be better in another couple of days. In the meantime, my mother keeps a permanent flow of hot beverages and my cat lets me hold him and pet him for longer than usual. Being sick is not so bad, if you look at it that way.

So, since my brain is on a leave of absence, today I’m posting some shots from two weeks ago that I never got to post, and hoping that tomorrow my head will be clear enough to get back to doing something. I’m rushing off to bed now. Enjoy!


26 thoughts on “Flowers and sunsets

  1. Those purple daisies are just spectacular! Love the sunset at an angle.

    • Thanks! They are some of the most amazing flowers I’ve ever seen, and very easy to shoot. Glad you like them! Hopefully I’ll be going back to the same spot for a sunset shoot later today, so maybe I’ll have more beautiful shots to share :).

  2. Amazing shots as always, the first one is my favourite. The clouds are perfect and the water looks beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous shots. I am particulary fond of the third shot and the angled perspective. Hope you are feeling well soon. Jeanne

  4. The first photo almost took my breath away, it’s so beautiful. I love the purple daisies too.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures! The sunset ones are my favorite.

  6. Absolutely beautiful photos. Hope you feel better soon. Miss Stella sends furry hugs your way. : )

  7. Beautiful pictures,,, great shoot,,,

  8. One can view these photos so many times and each time the person will feel calm, relaxed.

    I am longing to watch the setting sun at the seashore.

    Beautiful photos..

    • Thanks! Sunsets have a magical effect on me, even in pictures. I’ll post some of the shots I took yesterday at the beach soon, hope they calm your longing some.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Chicken Noodle Soup was always my remedy. My brain seems to be on a permanent leave of absence!
    The purple in those daisies is so vibrant and stunning. Makes me feel soothed and at ease
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • Thanks, Astra! My inspiration has fled from me since I caught this cold, but luckily my brain returned yesterday. It’s not of much use without inspiration, but at least I can get by.
      Glad you like the daisies!

  10. The sunset shot on the angle is stunning.

  11. I love the detail in the purple petals. Really lovely.

  12. Those sunsets are amazing!

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