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Autumnal beauty


Today I finally took the time to hang the pictures I printed last week. I simply hung a line across my bedroom and clipped the pictures to it (no money for frames when you’re a student!). I could stare at them all day, not because they’re the best photographs in the world, but because they show all the beauty I’ve been able to capture and create in the past four months. I’m eager to keep learning and improving!

It was a good decision to hang them today, it cheered me up a lot. I have a cold and I’m feeling under the weather, with chills and a runny nose and an appetite for soup only. I’m one of those people who hate feeling sick; luckily I don’t have the tendency to take it out on my family, I just feel bad about all the things I can’t do because I feel depleted.

I hadn’t taken any pictures for two days straight (barely mustered the energy to take myself to college), until something happened this afternoon. My ninety-two-year-old neighbor fell from her bed and couldn’t get back up, and when we went to see if she was alright she complained about still being alive since all she has is an ill health. Then I saw the fading dahlias in her garden, and I decided I’ll undertake a photographic project – I’ll start shooting as many fading flowers as I come across.

My favorite writer is eighty-one, and she’s still writing the most amazing and thought-provoking books. Sadly, my neighbor belongs to an era when women were supposed to be housewives and mothers only, and now that she’s a childless widow, she feels her life is empty. My eighty-seven-year-old grandma belongs to the same era, but luckily she’s got a completely different take on life. She’s always cheerful, and she keeps herself entertained watching tennis matches on the TV. Now that she can’t play anymore, she can at least watch others play.

No one, absolutely no one, should feel their life is useless because they’re not young and healthy anymore. I’ve made up my mind to look for a different beauty in nature, one that is not young and blossoming, but is beauty all the same. I couldn’t have chosen a better time to start this project, since autumn is the season of passing, the season where young spring beauty has grown old and is about to die – to be reborn next spring.

Today I’m posting some autumn shots that I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks, and as soon as I can I’ll start editing some of the fading flower shots I’ve already taken. Anyone has an idea for a title for this project?


26 thoughts on “Autumnal beauty

  1. It’s so strange to me to see the autumn leaves, since it is spring here. Peace, Phil

  2. I hate been ill, that washed out feeling sucks. I hope you start feeling better soon and sorry to hear about your neighbour falling. It’s a good thing she has neighbours like you.
    Autumn brings out such magnificent colours in nature and you have caught the gold just right. I’m excited to see the what images your new project will produce, it sounds very cool.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • Yeah, I know that feeling all too well. I should be better by Monday, and I don’t feel so bad because the weather is threatening rain, so there aren’t many chances to go shooting that I may miss.
      Glad you like these, Astra. I didn’t use to like autumn so much until I started photographing it. It’s truly beautiful! If I’m feeling better later I’ll edit some of the project shots. Right now I feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping until my throat stops feeling sore 😦

  3. Beautiful pictures but it seems strange to see them now as we are looking at spring here in Minnesota.

    I read a quote somewhere that went something like this…Don’t regret or bemoan growing old it is a gift that is denied to many.

    My goal in life is to enjoy it as much as possible at any age. There is nothing sadder, I think, than a bitter old person complaining about all they cannot do.

    Hope you are feeling better soon 🙂

    • Thanks! I love seeing spring shots while it’s autumn here, I feel like I can have both seasons at the same time.
      The quote is beautiful, and I completely agree with it. I understand that being optimistic at ninety-two may be harder than being optimistic at twenty-three, but I always hope that by time I’m eighty I have enough wisdom to understand that every age has its beauties, and enjoy them.

  4. Hate to hear that you are not feeling good. That is cool about your grandma….mine will be 98 this year & she plays cards with my mom every night & loves to watch college basketball. She can’t get around without help, but still has her’s great. Very nice pictures too.

    • Wow, 98 is really cool! That’s the really important thing, their minds are still wonderfully bright, and they have been in this world for so long they surely have lots of things to share with us younger folks. My grandma exercises her mind by doing crossword puzzles and playing sudoku every day. It’s all about their attitude and strength.
      Tell your grandma that I’m proud for her, it’s inspiring to know there are people like her in this world :).

  5. Its spring here in Tennessee, but how about Autumn Gold? Great shots..:-)

  6. This is a beautiful series, and I love your thoughtfulness behind it. I look forward to seeing what you do with fading beauty and life. Autumn is the perfect time for such a project.

    • Thanks, Robin! Glad you like these. I scaped the warmth of my home today and braved the autumn breeze to go shoot some fading flowers nearby. Lucky me, because a little while later they weren’t on the plant anymore. People here sometimes remove them from the plants when they’re dead, which is just more proof for my project. The downside is that my head is too foggy to edit them, but I hope I’ll be ok soon and get them ready.

  7. Love it. How about Faded Youth?

    • Thanks! I’ve actually started a list on my journal, and I’ve already added this one. It’s great to have other people suggest titles, since titles always give me headaches :).

  8. Great shoot,,, beautiful pictures…

  9. Beautiful images. All that wonderful fall color, just a bit different from our spring green.

    • Thanks! I’ve fallen in love with autumn gold this year; photography definitely makes me focus on the most beautiful things in the world. And blogging makes me experience all seasons at the same time – it’s great to see spring shots while I’m photographing autumn here!

  10. Beautiful shots! Autumn is always my favorite season.. And the thought behind your project is very nice. I hope your neighbour feels better soon and am really glad to hear about your grandma. Maybe we can see a photo of her here someday 🙂 I always feel sad for old folks who have become bitter, but everyone has a different take on life and has had different experiences so everyone ends with a different attitude towards their old age. As for a title, how about ‘Shifting Perspectives’ ?

    • Thanks, Dhaami! It’s one my favorite two, too, together with spring. I love how they are times of transition, and always full of color.
      I should take more pictures of my family; the things is, I’m terrible at portrait photography, and my P&S is terrible at it, too (probably because I have never bothered to explore how to bring the best out of it for this kind of photography).
      How about “Shifting beauty”? Does that work? Thanks for the idea!

  11. You’re lucky that you still have your grandma around, and that you have a neighbor of that ripe age. There is so much wisdom and valuable life lessons to be learnt from them, and to be surrounded by such grand ladies must be a sobering experience each time. I’m sure part of the reason why you are the wise woman that you are now is because you are inspired by them.

    I’ve never considered looking too young for my age a compliment. I HATE IT. I wish I have more lines on my face. I want my thoughts to reflect on my physical aspect. I want look mature!

    Great pictures by you, as always. I hope by now you’re feeling a whole lot better. 😛

    • I like looking twenty-three at twenty-three, and I’m sure I’ll like looking forty at forty. My mother ages so gracefully, she looks beautiful and natural at fifty odd. Some people on the TV look monstrous at thirty because of all the plastic surgery, and some look 13 at twenty odd, because they are so ridiculously emaciated. I think it’s all about accepting what we are at present, and reveling in it, not trying to be something we aren’t.
      My grandma teaches me about acceptance and how to live life with optimism, my neighbor teaches me that I should never reject the gifts that are bestowed upon me, because the only way life can be meaningless is if I make it so. But I think what little wisdom I have after living so relatively few years comes from my other favorite old lady – Ursula Le Guin. She’s the wisest writer in the world, and the fact that as she grows older her books only become better goes to show that experience, if properly used, can bear amazing fruits.

  12. Loved the colours, I plan to put some on my autumn shots too!!

  13. I love it when the seasons change…. I used to live in England – and Spring and Autumn were my favourite seasons. Now I live in Australia and I don’t get to see the real changes in seasons like in the UK, there are so many evergreen trees here and there are always flowers in bloom here, not that I’m complaining!! It’s lovely to see that golden hue that you’ve captured. I love autumn leaves.

    • Thanks! I’ve enjoyed bringing you a touch of autumn :). I don’t know if I’d like living in a place where there weren’t four seasons, but on the other hand I’d certainly love having green and flowers all year long. Sometimes I find winter so depressing…

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