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Flowery bokeh


This week’s topic for my 52 Weeks Group on Flickr was “Bokeh”. The first time I read it, weeks ago, I thought I was going to have to skip week 16, since getting bokeh in your shots with a point-and-shoot was impossible for me back then.

Later, practicing with the garden plants and trying different spots to find the best lighting, I discovered there’s a sweet spot in my front yard where the flame vine filters sunlight and creates a lovely bokeh. It’s not the best quality, and I’m definitely getting a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens with my DSLR, but me and my little point-and-shoot did this!

I love these little flowers, and they feature in some of my favorite shots. Hope you like these, too :).


27 thoughts on “Flowery bokeh

  1. They are all beautiful. The lighting and bokeh effect are fantastic as are the colours. Great job!

    You’ve inspired me to try in on my little camera, I’m not sure I’ll get the same effect as you have….I can but try! 🙂

  2. I think you images and what you can do/achieve with a point and shoot go along way in proving that it is the photographer and not the equipment! You capture beautiful colours and excellent bokeh. The forth image is my favourite, the way the light is shining down and illuminating the flower is stunning.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • Thanks, Astra! I believe in resourcefulness rather than equipment, even though I still want to get a DSLR. The only secret here was getting up early and having taken lots of pictures before so I knew which spot in my garden worked best.
      Glad you like these shots!

  3. Beautiful shots and colors. I was always amazed at the shots I could get with my Nikon Coolpix.

  4. Beautiful. Peace, Phil

  5. I have no clue of what “bokeh” is, but I’m with Astra…I like the 4th one…very sharp!

    • Bokeh is the quality of the blurred background in a shot where only a small part of the foreground is in focus. There’s a more complicated, technical explanation that you can find in any online photography site, if you want.
      Glad you like them!

  6. Awesome shots, the bokeh is really great. If this is wHAt you can do with a point and shoot I cant wait for you to get your DSLR!

    • Thanks, Kieran! I’m pretty sure at first I’ll be terribly frustrated with my DSLR until I learn how to use, and it’ll be like starting all over again. But I hope after a while I’ll take at least some decent shots!

  7. Incredibly beautiful shots. The bokeh is wonderful. 🙂

    I’ve noticed all it takes is a little experimentation to get a point & shoot to do things most people don’t think it will do. Well done!

    • Thanks, Robin! I agree with you, some people complain about the quality of their point-and-shoots, but they expect the camera to do all the work. I know it’s supposed to be an automatic camera, but it can still take amazing pictures if one learns all that it can do.
      Glad you like these!

  8. These are all really great photos, I’ve gotten some good photos with my P&S too. I use it when I don’t have my DSLR. Your colors and background work we together.

    • Thanks, Martina! I plan to do the exact same thing when I get my DSLR. My P&S will never be abandoned!
      Glad you like these; this little corner in garden is amazing for flower shots in every way possible.

  9. What gorgeous sunlit flower shots! So uplifting.

  10. Very nice! You can do a lot with a point-and-shoot.

    • Thanks! I’ve discovered that after months of practice and hard work. With a point-and-shoot and some post-processing you can go a long way!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  11. These are beautiful shots.
    Hard to believe that they were from a point and shoot

    • I find it hard to believe that a little P&S can create so much beauty, too. I think this blog can clear their bad reputation, and that’s great.
      Glad you like these shots!

  12. Beautiful shots! I love the color and the lighting.

  13. Very Nice Nice Nice BOKEH… LIKE THIS ONE…!

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