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There’s beauty all around!


More flowers and sunset shots. Have I already said how lovely african daisies are? I think you just can’t go wrong with these flowers.

This weekend, I decided to try something different for my weekly sunset. Instead of going to the beach or the harbor, I stopped halfway and shot tree silhouettes. It was hard, watching the sun set and not being at the beach, but it was fun, too. I hope I have time to edit and post the pictures soon.

One strange thing that happened while I was shooting (on the shoulder of the road) was all the honking. Has it ever happened to you? It seems that just because I have a camera people feel the need to honk and wave. Apparently my camera is a rock star.


26 thoughts on “There’s beauty all around!

  1. The daisies are amazing. The color literally seems to jump off the screen. I have been in a “tree phase” lately myself. I love taking pictures of them, but they do prove to be a tad bit tricky! I look forward to seeing what you come up with as I am sure they will be gorgeous.

    • I know! I just can’t believe how beautiful and colorful they are. And the best part is that they bloom all year long, so there’s always a cheerful spot in my garden.
      Not all the shots I took yesterday turned out alright, and it’s even more complicated when you can’t control camera settings and have to rely on other tricks, but some of them are ok, and anyway I never nailed anything in the first try, so I’m not too frustrated with the results of yesterday’s adventure. I just miss the sea 😦

  2. Absolutely, there is a beauty all around, and your brilliant photography does great justice to that, wonderful!!

  3. Gorgeous. Thank you. Peace, Phil

  4. Beautiful!! I love purple and the daisies are just gorgeous!! Might have to plant me some! The sunsets are beautiful as usual. What a view to have the ocean there.

    • Thanks! Purple is one of my favorite colors, too, maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to these. They’re definitely a good choice to plant; they don’t need too much looking after and they bloom all year long. I’ll definitely plant some when I have my own home.

  5. All beautiful photography. I particularly like the last african daisy… prefect DOF!

  6. Maybe they think YOU are the rock star. 🙂

    Your daisies are stunning. And everything is so beautiful I don’t know what to say. Looking forward to seeing your silhouette shots.

    • But they don’t know me! I think I’ll start asking everyone I meet if they ever honked at someone who was taking pictures by the road and if yes why they did it. I won’t rest until I know!
      I’m so glad you like my shots, Robin. It’s good to know some of my most assiduous readers are still with me on this journey!

  7. Another round of applause for the daisies… they are striking subjects, and your photographs of them are beautiful.

  8. Love the daisies…and the sunsets! Wonderful images!

  9. The daisies are stunning!

  10. You really have caught some stunning colours in these images. Beautiful daisies, excellent images.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  11. Beautiful shots of the Daiseys!! I usually get the honk or they have to stop and ask what I’m photographing especially with the super telephoto lens..:-)

    • Thanks!
      At last someone who’s had it happen to them! I still don’t get why people honk. What is so exciting about someone taking pictures? I get why they ask about the tele, though; cameras can look quite huge with those lenses mounted on them. Maybe they think you’re trying to spy a UFO, :P.

  12. I love the beach sunset images! And great job in getting attention on the roads. 🙂

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