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Abstract sunset


These are, finally, the last shots from Saturday. The blurry ones were part of my project for my 52 Weeks Flickr group, themed “Motion” this week. Since I can’t control exposure with my P&S, and therefore can’t easily shoot moving objects, I decided to move the camera instead. I love the abstract, sort of impressionistic shots I ended up with. Plus, you know, the colors that day were magical wherever you turned to look, so these could hardly fail.

I’ll be posting some flower shots this week, I miss them!


12 thoughts on “Abstract sunset

  1. The blurry ones are very cool.I could not decide which I liked the best as they all have unique qualities.

  2. Yea…I like the blurry ones too….very sharp looking!

  3. wow, those truly are stunning shots, fantastic

  4. Very nice photographs!

  5. Excellence yet again. I’m loving the abstract sunsets, it is like the nights sky is on fire. Beautiful.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • It pretty much was, Astra. The flame is a torch from a nearby factory, and I never know when we’ll have to run away screaming. At least it made for great compositions this time.

  6. I really like how they go from clear to abstract! Very nice!

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