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Yachts and seagulls


I learnt something very important about photography last Saturday. Something I should have already known, but I’m a rather stubborn person, and it takes time for new knowledge to sink in. What I learnt is: just grab your camera, get out and take pictures. Don’t leave your house with any preconceived notions about subjects, landscapes or anything at all.

I got up early on Saturday and got all my college stuff done so I’d have the afternoon and evening free to go to the harbor with my Dad again. A couple of times I questioned myself if it would be fruitful – what was there to shoot that I hadn’t already shot the last two times I visited? Oh, me of little faith. There were a hundred things I hadn’t shot. Seascapes are particularly versatile because of the tides. High tides and low tides can shed completely different results, as I’ve shown in some of my previous posts. Or you can, as I did, find yachts sailing, or a new ship docked were before there was nothing. Or nearby factory torches burning (which doesn’t make me feel too safe about my health, but oh well, if I have to die at least I’ll die happy).

Seagulls were flocking like crazy because of the fishing boat and fishermen, and they posed shamelessly for the camera, so I could finally capture them in flight. Go me! As for the yachts, it wasn’t the best day for sea pictures, since it was overcast and therefore contrast was rather nonexistent. But with a few adjustments in Photoshop, these shots turned out quite nice, if I may say so myself.

I think this may be turning into a new, fascinating rut. Harbor Saturdays with my Dad and my L20. I think I’ll tell you the story of why I go to the harbor so often in my next post, since I’ve rambled enough in this one.

I estimate posting the best shots I took last Saturday is going to take forever, but I don’t think you’ll mind :).


16 thoughts on “Yachts and seagulls

  1. Fantastic shots! Beautifully processed as well. I agree that the ocean is the best place for photography..always new and refreshing! Envious of you for living so close to such a beautiful place 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m truly blessed to have grown up so close to the beach. Even on the craziest week, I know I’ll get away from it all a few hours every weekend. Plus, it’s the most amazing source of creativity for photography :).
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Awesome pics! I love the one with the two seagulls sitting on the wall, it looks like they’re framed in a picture by the red handrail. Love the pics of the yacht as well, really nice!

    • Thanks! I must have looked insane on Saturday, because I was chasing seagulls with my camera all the time laughing like crazy. They are so funny! The yachts were a fantastic surprise; I hope I’ll find them sailing again soon.

  3. Loving the images of the yachts, the composition of the second is awesome and I too like the seagulls framed within red hand rail. Beautiful images once again, can wait for the rest.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  4. i like all your shots. 😀

  5. Great shots, 99% of the time when I go out I have no plan on what to shoot. I’ve been to the same section of river dozens of times when I’m home and always find new and interesting things to photograph. I’ve even crawled through the underbrush looking for macro things to photograph..:-))

    • Thanks! I’ve learnt that changing angles and perspectives can completely modify a scene, but now I’ve given preconceptions up altogether. Plus, I always have so much fun!

  6. Your images are so lovely. They make me long to be at the beach.

    I have learned the same lesson now that I’m out walking pretty much the same paths day after day. Things change — in big ways and small — day by day. Or something entirely new will pop up or come along. I never know what I might find when I go out for a walk with my camera. 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin! I don’t know why I was so hesitant to go to the harbor. After all, I go for a daily walk around the garden every morning, and even though it’s just my garden I find something new every day. I agree that things change around your pond, every day you post something new and lovely!

  7. The third one from the bottom is my favorite. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly, but something about it is very calming.

  8. I always find a visit to the ocean to be very therapeutic, and come away from it feeling enthusiastic and invigorated.

    The best thing about the beach for me is that it’s constantly changing. I can visit the same spot multiple times and always encounter different tides, wave heights, light and weather conditions. There’s always a surprise waiting for me. 🙂

    • When I came back home last Saturday I was more relaxed than I’d been all week. Having such lovely places close by to run away to every weekend is a miracle I’m constantly grateful for.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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