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Flame vine


One of the hardest plants I’ve shot so far is the Flame vine, known to me as Bignonia since this evening, when my expert grandfather finally provided a name. Astra, this is the orange flower you liked, whose name I promised to find out.

It’s hard to shoot because for some reason my camera has issues with anything red and renders it orange. Flame vine flowers (at least mine) are red, not orange, but they only show red if I shoot them in the shade. I’ve been asking for a cloudy day for about a week, without much luck. I could only successfully shoot a few clusters that grew in the shade of other plants.

Flame vine leaves, on the other hand, are amazing. They grow in mesmerizing patterns, have the loveliest colors, and apparently grow all year long, because they are sprouting now, at the beginning of autumn.

I got a little carried away and took a gazillion pictures. This is part number one, and tomorrow I’ll post the other half.


14 thoughts on “Flame vine

  1. Beautiful !

  2. Your grandfather is a wise and useful man, I thank him and you for finding out… Thank you. Beautiful as always, I can’t wait to see the rest of them.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • My grandfather worked with plants all his life, until he retired a couple of years ago and now he only works in my grandmother’s garden. He provided most of the plants that grow in our front and back yards, as well as advice on how to take care of them. So most of the flower shots I’ve posted are due to him, and now that I think about it I should grab my laptop and go show him my pictures.
      Thanks for saying you want to see the rest of them, I’m afraid I may have bored my readers to sleep with all the leaf shots :S.

  3. looks like you got the red down now! they truly look like they could be on fire!

    • Lighting is crucial when it comes to shooting something red with my camera. Luckily I caught these in the morning when the sun didn’t hit them directly. Otherwise, they would have turned out orange. I’m happy I got the colors right, because I truly love how intense these flowers are.

  4. Beautiful, is it an invasive vine? We have Japaneese Kudzoo and Wisteria in the area and if you don’t watch it it will take over everything..:-)

    • I was telling my mother yesterday that if you stand close to the plant for too long, it’ll grow all over you, LOL. It’s very invasive, but that’s a good thing because it makes a lovely natural fence and also covers the front yard ground where nothing else will grow.
      I love Wisteria, I’ve always wanted to have a plant, and now that my mother wants to cut down the grapevine, maybe we can get one. Does it freeze in the winter? We need something that will resist the cold.

  5. Beautiful pics, the leaf shots are great, I love the textures and the hint of red/brown on the edge of the leaves 🙂

  6. Beautiful The flowers are lovely, and I can see why the leaves captured your attention. They’re beautiful.

  7. The plant you call “Flame Vine” we call Cape Honeysuckle (at least in my area, California)

    • Actually, I call it Bignonia in Spanish, I just googled the most common name in English. I don’t know much about plants, so it’s very possible that this one is actually called Cape Honeysuckle everywhere.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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