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Here and there a sunrise and a sunset


I was going through some old folders in an attempt to put some semblance of order in the mess that is my hard drive (bad thing, you know, I need my archives to be somewhat tidy), and I found these images that I didn’t post before, who knows why.

I have lots of images to edit, some a month old, but I’m suffering from the typical long weekend syndrome – the more free time I have, the less I do. I seem to get a lot more done during the week. Plus today I had a bad day, I was moody and sleepy and I don’t think there’s a worse combination than that. I got over it by going to the harbor again with my father, and of course taking lots of pictures. I’m still practicing to find the best way to avoid lens glare, and I got some good shots. I’ll get to them someday.

Today, I’ll post these because they deserve to see the light. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Here and there a sunrise and a sunset

  1. i love the sky and clouds in the last picture!

  2. These are great scenes.

  3. They are all so beautiful!! So glad you decided to share.

  4. I really enjoy your photos, the centre one reminds me of where I used to live. Very peaceful and calming. Any good picture of the sea is a win for me, especially one with such a good view of the reflection of light.

    • Thanks! I love what my little point and shoot can do when faced with a sunset. The people rowing in the kayaks were amazingly cooperative this summer, they kept posing for the camera :). That beach is the most calming place in the universe for me; it’s my place in the world.

  5. Oh, I love that last photo!

  6. They are all lovely, but the first is my favorite. I like the subtle, almost muted color.

    • Thanks, Robin. I have a soft spot for all images taken in this Mode, because the purples and blues are lovely. I just wish the kayak guy had been closer when I took the shot, like in the second one. But I like it all the same!

  7. My vote goes to… the SUNSET image! 🙂
    The sunset light is divine…

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