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Trees in the morning light


We had lovely autumn weather today, particularly this morning. I’m grateful to photography for making me notice the special quality of light during autumn, and so many other things. I’ve lived here for twenty-three years, and there are lots of lovely details I’d never paid attention to before.

I fell out of bed this morning, and yet my father beat me to it. The man has a thing for getting up early. The photoshooting was a fun adventure, and I loved spending time with my Dad sharing what I love most in the world.

I joined a 52 Weeks group in Flickr a few weeks ago, as a way of keeping myself shooting throughout the semester. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up with it and come up with a shot that fitted the weekly theme, but every day I’m more excited about it; it pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and come up with subjects and compositions I may not have thought of if left alone to my own designs. This week’s theme was streets, and my father suggested a few avenues he passes on his way to work every morning, hence today’s outing.

Here are the finished versions of the shots I took today, including the ones I posted on the group and a few others. I’m really happy with these shots, particularly the first two ones. Thanks everyone who wished me a fun outing today!





16 thoughts on “Trees in the morning light

  1. Glad you had fun with your father. Great shots!

  2. i like like like like all your shots! 😀

  3. The first image is my favorite! Let me call it “Nature’s Cathedral”…

  4. I also really like the first one, The composition and colour are beautiful. Excellent images.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  5. Wonderful images!! Morning light is my fave!

  6. Beautiful trees and light. 🙂

    Glad to hear you had fun.

  7. Great photos! They’re beautiful!

  8. I LOVE the texture.. They look like Impressionist Paintings, especially the last one on the right… MY favorite!!

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