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Dahlias and dreams come true


Dahlias from my neighbor’s garden.

Life has been kind of hectic this week, but luckily this weekend is a long one, and it started today at 5 p.m. for me, so I’ll have plenty of time to rest, take new pictures and edit old ones.

I’m planning to go photoshooting with my father tomorrow morning; he said he’s spotted a couple of possible pictures on his way to work, and we scheduled a visit as soon as we are free. I’m so happy, people, I feel like dancing and singing. What’s better than going on an adventure with your camera?

There are lots of little and big signs happening in my life, and I’m convinced the universe has my back. Photography is my calling in life, and no matter what challenges are thrown my way, nothing will stop me.


10 thoughts on “Dahlias and dreams come true

  1. Dahlias bring back great childhood memories. Both of my grandmothers and my mother grew them. I can’t wait to see the results of your shoot!! Have fun..

    • I always like it when my pictures awaken emotive memories in people. I feel like I’m doing something good with my photography.
      I can’t wait until the morning, either. I’ll be posting the shots as soon as I edit them.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Good for you! I’m glad that your father is excited about your photography. It sounds like a cool outing! Take plenty of wonderful pictures for us.

    • Yeah, my father is awesome, and he’s always supoportive of anything I want to do.
      I had lots of fun this morning, and even though I didn’t get to take too many shots, there are a few that are just beautiful.

  3. Enjoy the outing I hope it is fruitful one. Such beautiful flowers and excellent passion.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  4. These are simply stunning. 🙂

    Have a fun outing! Can’t wait to see what you capture.

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