My words and my pictures. All I have


Fiery gazanias






Here’s more from my tour around the garden. I like how these turned out after adjusting contrast and darkening the background in Photoshop and then using the Glamour Blur action that can be found here. Having a dark background brought out the colors and made them look just as impressive as they look to the eye. Aren’t they little garden flames? I’m immensely happy that this time the name is the same in Spanish as in English.

I got some new plants today, so I’ll have fresh flower pictures in the coming days. And I’m editing shots from Friday’s sunset, so there’ll be sunset shots too!


Autumnal equinox


Happy equinox! In my hemisphere autumn has arrived, with cooler days, golden light and soon yellow leaves.

These are a few shots that I took last year; they may not be my best, but they fit the theme and I don’t have any autumn pictures from this year yet. I played with them a little bit in Photoshop, and I quite like the dreamy look.

To all the people who are welcoming spring, enjoy! And please post lots of pics so I won’t miss the warm weather and the flowers so much!