My words and my pictures. All I have


Light as dandelion seeds

I imagined many things that would happen when the semester started. I wouldn’t have so much time to go shooting, I wouldn’t have so much time to practice, surf the web for inspirational pictures, and therefore I wouldn’t learn so much. Summer would end, I wouldn’t find interesting subjects to shoot, or I’d be buried under piles of boring texts that I’d much rather trade for my freedom.

None of this has come true so far. Yes, I’ll probably be buried in texts within a week, but since this is my last year, I can handle everything without losing my sanity or forsaking my life; I’ve had plenty of time to learn how to do it.

Yesterday morning I went out with my camera as far as my backyard, and I found lots of little things to shoot. My favorite was this combination of blooming and fading dandelions. I’ve wanted to shoot dandelion seeds for a while, so I’m really happy.

Again, I can relate to this; I am light and free as the little dandelion seeds. Negativity can’t affect me, because I’m living my dreams every day, and I’ll fly far away from it.