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Missing my sunsets


Finally found time to edit some pictures from almost a month ago. The first one is the last of the harbor shots that I realized I’d forgotten to upload last time.

It’s raining now, and while I’m happy that the heat isfinally gone, I miss shooting sunsets at the beach. This winter will be a challenge for me, to find subjects to shoot while it rains and rains outside.


4 thoughts on “Missing my sunsets

  1. Rain is definitely a challenge, but if you can get in between the rain drops, it also provides beautiful photo opportunities. I’ve been known to go out with an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other. Very challenging!

    This is another series of gorgeous shots. 🙂

    • Thanks, Robin. I’ve been known to brave the rain, too; but after my first camera broke I’ve been a little paranoid. I think it was a manufacturing problem, but who knows. I’ll keep taking pictures throughout the winter, but I’ll miss the opportunities that summer offers, specially the bright light.

  2. Thanks for liking my moon post. I was looking at your photos this morning – enjoy seeing your work. As for rain, I find that the inclement weather sometimes forces me to shoot indoors (which can be outside my comfort zone) and actually helps me become a better photographer by stretching my limits and challenging me to find subjects and beauty in the places I do not as often look for it.

    • Your moon shot was awesome, one of the best I’ve seen these past days.
      That’s the outlook a good photographer must have – take everything as a challenge to exercise their creativity; I try to do it myself, and it’s worked so far. I’m already thinking of ways to be able to take good indoors pictures with my little point-and-shoot; I’ve come up with a few ideas from reading other blogs. I’ll be posting the results throughout the winter.
      Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind words about my work.

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