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Harbor seagulls


Here’s the second part of the harbor pictures. There’s still more to come when I finish framing and signing them, so if you like them, stay tuned!


14 thoughts on “Harbor seagulls

  1. I love your harbor pictures. Very relaxing.

  2. I LOVE them!! The bird in the sky is just perfect!!

    • Your comment makes me SO happy. Those birds were amazingly cooperative. They were flocking around because of the fishing boats, and they swept into each shot. I couldn’t be more grateful 🙂

  3. Beautiful sunset shots. Where in Argentina were these taken?

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post about the image brought back from Vietnam.

    • Thanks! These were taken in Ingeniero White, a small harbor city. Sunsets have always been amazing there, and I should know, I’ve been visiting since I was born.
      Your photography is great. Thanks for stoping by my blog!

  4. i love sunset, forever. but in here, i liked your second sunset picture best, you’ve captured that bird perfectly along with the setting sun. 😀 nice!

  5. Interesting shots. I like how the horizon line is moving slightly upwards as you go through the shots, due to that I think I like the last one best comp wise. Great job exposing though, shooting straight into the sun is never easy. I love when birds cooperate in shots. Well done

    • Tell me about it. My new camera keeps letting lens glare intrude into my sunset shots, in different shapes and colors. I try to see it as a chance to get creative, try different compositions – and luckily a lot of them turn out right.
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Wonderful series! I love the way you captured a seagull in each photo. It brings it all to life for me. 🙂

  7. Oh my god, I love these pictures. I love jetties. And this sunset.. Beautiful in every aspect of the word.

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