My words and my pictures. All I have


Yucca flowers









I’m a busy, happy little bee. Scratch that. I’d rather be a butterfly or a ladybug, I don’t like bees.

I’m enjoying this learning curve more than I’ve ever enjoyed any journey in my life. I feel happy when I’m shooting, I feel happy when I see my pictures on the computer, I feel happy when I frame, sign and post them. I feel really good when someone leaves a comment or clicks the “like” button. I feel exhilarated when I see a shot that is not so good, and a great one following it because I corrected my own mistakes. I love learning, I love improving. I love photography.

I woke up real early yesterday morning to shoot the sunset. When I was about to head back home, I saw a nondescript plant covered in beautiful white flowers. The light wasn’t the best, but some of the pictures I took turned out quite nice. I went back to bed and woke up again to the sun shinning, so I tried shooting again in the sunlight. After adjusting saturation and contrast, the results were, in my humble opinion, just as lovely as the original.

My mother later informed me the leaves of this plant can cause a sting – I would have loved to have that information beforehand, but luckily my clumsiness didn’t betray me this time and I have no wounds to regret.

Thinking about it, I realize this post is perfectly appropriate for today – women are just like this plant: they are beautiful, strong, sensitive, and have the ability to both blossom in hardship (yucca plants grow even during draught), and cause a huge sting when they are fighting for what they love. So happy day to all my sisters!