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Sunset in perspective


These past days I’ve had what I’ve taken to calling “an angle attack”. Basically, it consists on me crawling on the floor and getting my clothes covered in dust and mud; but the results of this weird activity have been amazing. I’ve discovered that the world holds many secrets at different heights, that one place can be many places depending on how you look at it, and essentially, that nothing in this world is as critical as we may think, because absolutely everything is relative.

Photography has taught me many lessons about life, about this world, about how to survive in this world. I’m endlessly grateful for that.

And speaking of gratefulness, I’d like to thank my incredibly generous father for spending hours this week with me at the beach while I shot and shot to my heart’s content. And also because without him I wouldn’t be taking pictures at all; he gave me my first camera – and then a new one when the first one died – my tripod, and countless trips to the beach.

Just in case anyone was wondering, I did pass my final exam. I’m one step closer to my degree and my DSLR.

And since I believe in giving credit when credit is due, I want to direct anyone who reads this post towards a wonderful set of shots I came across a few days ago, which actually inspired my angle attempts. You can see them by clicking here.

If you’d be so kind, please take a look at my pictures first; next to hers mine will pale.


10 thoughts on “Sunset in perspective

  1. Congrats on the pass and congrats on these stunning images. They are really beautiful
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  2. I carry a towel around for the purpose of getting down on the ground for some shots. It sometimes seems like a whole different world from down there.

    Lovely set of shots!

    • I’ll bear in mind the towel advice. Luckily my shorts didn’t sustain any lasting damage.
      That’s exactly the way I feel, there’s an utterly different world down there that I’d never even thought about. Now, I know there are many secrets that most people won’t even see unless they look at pictures like these. That’s what I love about sharing art.

  3. Very Beautiful Shots 🙂 and Thank You so much for the link.. it really touches me that my photos inspired you!

    • Thanks! I love the sea, and I found your pictures so original and beautiful that I wanted to try and I see what I could do from that angle. I’ve consequently discovered a striking, hidden world (and learnt that I should carry a towel so I don’t get my clothes dirty, LOL).
      I hope I’ll see more of your shots soon!

  4. I love these photos, and yes, different angles definitely! I can just stare at these photos for a long time. So soothing!

  5. These are beautiful sunset photos! Love the ocean.

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