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Fire in the sky


I shot this sunset last Saturday, and I’ve been about to frame and sign the pictures ever since. It’s been a very busy week so far, but here they are.

Honestly, this is the most beautiful and striking sunset I’ve ever shot, and I’ve shot quite a few.

I haven’t edited these shots beyond cropping, framing and signing them. Beauty such as this doesn’t need editing.


9 thoughts on “Fire in the sky

  1. I love the last two with the brilliant blue!!!

  2. Yes, no need for editing–they are all quite beautiful

  3. Ah, the sunset. As always, you captured it at its most mesmeric.

    And your header image, sigh. I find myself staring at it too long.

    • Thanks. The header image is part of a sunset batch that I’m planning to upload at some point. “Some point” being when I find the time to frame and sign them. Sigh. There’s a sunset every day, and I’ve been down to the beach a lot lately, just to shoot sunsets. But I’ll get there someday, I promise.

  4. Wow you caught a beautiful sunset here. It is all worth it after that one great sunset.

    • I know. I’m planning to print some of these pictures and hang them where they can give me strength every day. It’s miraculous to have the chance to witness such beauty.

  5. These are some lovely photographs of a beautiful sunset. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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