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Beach plant

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This is one of the things I love most about photography: when I’m going about my life doing any random thing, and suddenly, magnetism. There’s something calling to me that I must shoot.

Last Friday I was lounging lazily on the beach when I stumbled upon this eye-catching, cotton-like wild plant. No idea what it is, but it does grow around here a lot. I’d never seen it at the beach, though.

I remember being in the midst of one of my bad allergy attacks when I got to the beach (I desperately needed to get out of my house or I was going to go insane sneezing every two minutes.) Maybe those people who say allergies are strongly influenced by psychological factors are right after all, because by the time I got home I’d altogether forgotten that I was supposed to be sneezing compulsively. The wonderful, healing powers of photography :).

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