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Sunset peace


My goodness, what a day. I’ve had a somewhat crappy week. I’ve been sleep deprived for days and I accidentally spilled a glass of coke on my keyboard (yay for first times), which resulted in my DVD drive getting stuck (if only it’d been water…), and I thought I had a virus in my PC… Gosh. I couldn’t be happier for Friday to come at last.

Today things got better. The coke dried and I could clean my DVD drive with a wet cloth, my computer works just fine, I got like ten hours of sleep last night… But the absolute best, I went down to the beach and took some sunset shots. I love taking pictures, but sunset ones are definitely my favorites.

I also love feeling the way I do when I’m out there shooting, the complete calm and joy of it. Knowing that, no matter how awful my week has been, all will be well, problems are not so serious, and my life is great, because I get to do what I love.

My crappy luck did try to follow me to the beach, though, and I got a lot of lens flare in my shots. But I chose the best ones, cropped them a little, and what you see is what came out of it. I like them, lens flare and all. And I’m torn, because my L16 didn’t have this problem, but I like the colors I get with the L20 a lot more. I know if I get my L16 back, I’ll end up carrying them both around, looking like a madwoman. Good thing I’m getting a DSLR sometime soon.

Have a nice weekend! I know I will.

2 thoughts on “Sunset peace

  1. You already have beautiful photos, but taking the step to a DSLR is definitely worth it. What brand/model are you looking at? I just got a Sony a55v and so far I’m very happy with it.

    • Thank you! I’m reading and studying and trying to improve myself even with a point-and-shoot. And I’m also having lots of fun while I save up for a DSLR. I’ve decided to get a Nikon D90 with the 18-105mm kit lens. I’d like to get a super wide-angle and a macro lens eventually, but I’ll have more than enough with the kit lens for a while. I’m asking left and right for advice on lenses, so any you’ve got would be quite welcome!

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